Friday, February 21, 2014

The beauty of the hyacinth

Look at this pretty pink hyacinth.  I can just imagine the glorious fragrance!  These bulbous flowering plants are native to the eastern Mediterranean (from south Turkey to northern Israel), and are signs of spring in Iran and Iraq.  I can remember when I lived in snow country, seeing them poking up through the late winter snow storms as they heralded the coming of Easter and springtime.
I often think of them at this time of year, although it is a wee bit early.  It really can never be to early to think about the beauty of the hyacinth!  They are so pretty and that smell is like none other.
Oh my!  Imagine how much greater our world might be if we would only slow down and occasionally smell the flowers and enjoy the beauty of these wonderful parts of nature.  Beauty is all around.  Enjoy it!  Share it!

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