Thursday, April 24, 2014

Raising money for a cause

Raising money for a cause might make you feel good, and the recipient of those funds will most certainly appreciate your efforts, but be aware that fundraising is not an easy task!  These days there are so many worthy causes and many people limit their giving to organizations or causes that they give to regularly.

Remember when there were telethons raising money for various charities?  We don't see those big television fundraisers much any more.  Walk-a-thons are still very big.  (Last year I took part in three different walk-a-thons).  Some people host events that raise money - sales or dinners or car washes, for example.  Some folks sell merchandise or put up collection containers.  Those loose change jars on store counters are quite good at raising money.

If one of the ways you want make difference in the world is by fundraising, know that it is hard work, but the end result is really worth it.  You could possibly finance some real change!

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