Monday, August 4, 2014

happy birthday to many

August just happens to be my birth month, but as you know, this is NOT about me, so I won't talk about my own birthday, but I do want to mention a few more.  This is indeed the month to say happy birthday to many!

Today is the birthday of President Barack Obama, who turns 53.  Will he be receiving any presents?  Well most likely there will be many, but unless they come from family, they are recorded and the whole world can see the list.  Click HERE for example to see what the President received two years ago (not necessarily for his birthday).

I have a number of friends who also celebrate their birthdays this month and they are in good company too. Another US President (Bill Clinton) was born this month. A number of celebrities share the same birthday as me (including Mary McCartney,Shania Twain, Jason Priestley).  The list for the month is actually quite lengthy.
So if you want to make someone's day (or month) make sure you acknowledge their birthday.  Of and if it's not this month, find out when it is and make a note of it.  People like to be remembered on their birthdays - not necessarily with expensive gifts.  A card, email, or phone call can certainly brighten someone's day as well.

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