Tuesday, September 9, 2014

archair activist

Someone called me an "armchair activist" the other day.  "All you do is sit in front of your computer."  Well, since this blog supposedly is NOT about me, I won't protest too much.  Believe me, there are many things that I do, but I don't want to list all of my shortcomings here. 
An armchair activist though has a nice ring to it.  It might not have been meant as a compliment, but to me, any activism is good.  It's all about getting involved and making a difference.  Some people might not be physically able to climb up and down stairs or walk a picket line or march in a procession up a crowded street.  For some people sitting in front of a computer is a big deal and they can certainly connect with as many people, perhaps more, in that way.
Making positive changes happens in a variety of ways.  We can write letters or send emails or even write a blog to get our point of view across.  Sometimes we might even be successful.  Sometimes we might even do it enough so that someone refers to us as an armchair activist!

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