Thursday, December 25, 2014

On the first day of Christmas

Despite what many stores will tell you, Christmas doesn't end today.  No, today is actually the first day of Christmas.  In this twelve day celebration I do hope you will take a moment to think about the good things in your lives and the good you can bring to others.  We could even get going and finally extend the spirit of Christmas to every single day of our lives!

Yesterday I told you the incredible story about Josh, a young video maker who brightened the life of Thomas, a homeless man by giving him $200 and then posting a video online telling the story.  An online fundraising goal was also begun (click HERE to contribute), with an original goal of $10,000 to further help this homeless man.  When I told you about this yesterday here in my blog, $64,752 had been raised.  Right now the total has increased to a whopping $90,027!

Think that the spirit of Christmas is gone? Think that people don't care anymore? Think again!  Josh's campaign to help this one person has proven that there are a lot of wonderful caring people out there.  Just look at how quickly that total keeps increasing!  Campaigns like this one can be started on indiegogo or other similar sites and all kinds of money can be raised to help others or to help out in a variety of circumstances.  Of course fundraising isn't the only way to help out and make a difference, and so many people today are volunteering a hot meal programs.  This day and Thanksgiving are the two biggest days for folks to turnout for those free meals and they are the largest days for volunteering.
On this first day of Christmas I won't give you a partridge in a pear tree, but I will give you my home that every single one of us will be inspired to make a difference in the world and I wish you much joy and peace!

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