Wednesday, May 29, 2013

End discrimination

When I was little I witnessed so much prejudice during the short period we lived in the South. I can remember the "Whites Only" signs and the separate drinking fountains and I remember all the hateful things that were broadcast on television. Most of the obvious prejudice was racial. Later I became aware of the prejudice that existed based on sex and age and of course the big one (in this country): prejudice based on sexual orientation.
There are some people who think that such discrimination has ended. How wrong they are! While there are indeed better protections under the law, and while many attitudes have gotten better, it is still perfectly acceptable to hate and I have been seeing so many examples of it online and in the news these past few days.

Will it EVER end? We have the power! We can make things better. Why do we tolerate so much hate speech? Why do we remain silent when people are discriminated against right in our midst? If we all spoke up and if we all decided to say No! to discrimination, it would end immediately. Do we really want a world of hate?

What do YOU think?

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