Monday, September 2, 2013

honoring labor

No school.  A last chance to picnic.  The end of summer.  Labor Day means many things to different people, but the first Monday in September is dedicated to the social and economic achievements of workers and it is a day to celebrate our labor unions.  The working class are the ones who keep the nation moving and so a day of tribute is indeed in order.  (Labor Day is also observed in Canada on the same day, by the way).  Hard work, whatever you do, has value.  This is the day we honor that.
Now many folks get the day off from work today.  Seems odd, huh?  How do you celebrate labor by not laboring?  This is a workingmen’s holiday, but not all of us need to work on the day to appreciate the significance.  For over 100 years we have remembered labor on this date - it all began back in New York City with the Central Labor Union, and hopefully we will continue to, because as I said, workers truly are our country's backbone.

Have fun today.  Enjoy whatever it is you may be doing.  Remember though the real meaning of today, and give your support to labor! 

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