Monday, October 21, 2013

this just in . . .

A few updates for you this morning.  I sometimes for get to go back and tell you how things turn out, so here is a little about several things since we last mentioned them here.

The Rainbow Honor Walk, celebrating the heroes and heroines of the LGBT community, which we wrote about a couple of times here, is going ahead with the installation of the initial plaques. In the online fundraiser for them, $5,600 was raised!

Eric I. Lu of the Jubilee Project is walking to raise funds down in Tustin, CA for the Alzheimer's Association and so far has raised $500. This is in addition to the wonderful video they made which in it first two weeks on youtube has had 16,000 views! Wow! Haven't seen it yet? Just click HERE. Also, if you want to support Eric in Saturday's walk-a-thon, click HERE.
Last Sunday I wrote here about the San Francisco LGBT Center.  An interesting thing happened - more people read that entry in the first 24 hours than anything I have written here before!
Oh and news of one more fundraiser that I have written about here - my friend Jason Villalobos is doing AIDS LifeCycle once again and has set a HUGE goal:  $10,000.  He will get there but only if everyone helps out.  So far Jason has raised $340.  His fundraising page is HERE.
Curious about something I wrote about a long time ago and how it might be doing now?  Ask and I'll try to find out.  Have a suggestion about someone or something you think we should talk about?  Let me hear from you about that too! 

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