Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Listening in the night

It's been a while since I wrote here about San Francisco Night Ministry and since their work never stops it seems like a good time to mention them once again. (Of course you can always click on the link to the right and visit their website too).

San Francisco is not a wild twenty-four hour city with all night discos, theatres, night clubs and restaurants going strong all night seven days a week. Some might even say we are one of those places where the sidewalks get rolled up early. An awful lot of folks have no place to go from those sidewalks though and that is only part of the problem. There is also the need that people sometimes have after hours - after the regular services close for the day. Sometime people just need a friendly ear. San Francisco Night Ministry is available every single night of the year and not just with ministers walking the streets, but also staffing a nightly crisis line which you may telephone.

To serve others and to do it when the need is there, not just when it's convenient, is something the Night Ministry has done for a long time. They can always use a hand of course and this includes donating money or supporting their various fundraising events or simply volunteering to lend a hand. Sometimes they could use help in the office in the daytime too.

Would you like to help them? Why not join them as a Crisis Line Counselor? Check out their website at http://www.sfnightministry.org/ or contact Brother Jude at 415-861-7951 or by email at judehillssf@aol.com

Night Ministry sponsors an "Open Cathedral" ministry in the daytime - weekly non-denominational outdoor worship services for anyone who wishes to attend. Singing, praying, preaching and the Eucharist are offered, followed by opportunities for private conversation, prayer, blessing or the same counseling that is offered at night. Everyone is welcome to attend. Open Cathedral gatherings happen rain or shine. The Civic Center plaza one has been around the longest. They gather every Sunday at 2pm at Leavenworth and McAllister, near United Nations Plaza. Lunch is offered following the service, and worship attendance is not required to participate in the lunch.

How wonderful that San Francisco Night Ministry is here offering hope and comfort in the darkness of the night.

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