Friday, November 22, 2013

Who is there

The 50th anniversary special of Doctor Who is expected to simulcast in 94 countries tomorrow, setting a Guinness Book World Record  for the largest simulcast for a drama in television history.  Doctor Who has already set some impressive records over the years (fifty years in itself is pretty impressive) - it is the longest running science fiction series ever on broadcast tv.
Doctor Who first appeared on BBC1 on Saturday, 23 November, 1963.  It has a cult following in the United States with conventions popping up across the country.  Today there are even all-day Doctor Who parties planned!  The very first broadcast though was not seen here back on that November day.  Most Americans were focused then on mourning the death of President John F Kennedy.
I'm not a Doctor Who expert (although I do know there have been eleven doctors and the police call booth is the method of transportation), but I am certain that this one tv show has made a huge difference in many lives.  It has brought people together.  It has been the subject of numerous conversations.  It has made people happy.  Making a difference can come in so many forms!

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