Monday, November 18, 2013

The Be O.N.E. Project

For years I have been telling you about Go Inspire Go and for months I have been telling you about their 50/50 campaign - 50 heroes in 50 states.  Well today their website has a new look and what's more, today the first video is premiered!
Please watch.  It, like all of their previous videos, is very moving.  This one introduces us to Matthew Kaplan, 16, the founder of the The Be O.N.E. Project, which he created for middle school students in Arizona to stop bullying behavior before it even begins.  Matthew is indeed making a difference in this world and I am so delighted that GiG 50/50 is introducing him to us!  Click HERE to see the video.
As always you can find out more about Go Inspire Go at their website:

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