Monday, February 10, 2014

12 yr old protects animals

Telling you about Go Inspire Go is one of my favorite things because I really believe in them and am personally inspired by the stories they share.  They feature stories about regular people who do some pretty incredible things and I really like that at the end of all their videos, they tell you how we all can get involved and give back.  I am particularly enjoying their 50/50 stories where they are bringing us fifty stories from all fifty states.  They have just released the third of those stories.
Now this all began when GiG founder Toan Lam had an idea to spotlight fifty hometown heroes from each state.  To get there required money and so he set up a fundraiser.  Thankfully that was successful, and so they were off.  The first story they told was of a young man in Arizona who started the Be O.N.E. Project, to stop bullying in school even before it starts.  The next video introduced us to a generous man in Los Angeles who gave up his house for a year to a homeless family of five.  Now we come to the third story, and this one tells us of a youngster who at the age of twelve is inspiring people to protect animals and has founded an organization to aid this. 
To see this latest GiG 50/50 video, click HERE and to find out more about the organization Lobby for Animals that he founded, click HERE.  You of course an always find out more about Go Inspire Go too.  Their earlier stories are very inspiring too!  Check out their website at and if you have story ideas, let them know.  If you can make a donation to help out with their wonderful mission, you can also do that through their website.
Go Inspire Go is such an inspiration with every single story they tell.  Telling wonderful stories is such a wonderful way to give back!

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