Friday, February 14, 2014

A Visit to API Wellness

Every Friday I have been writing here about HIV and AIDS and I certainly couldn't leave out one of San Francisco's treasures, the Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center.  I've written about them several times before and there really is much to say because the work they do is enormous. They provide free and confidential HIV testing, treatment, and case management, and also mental health and substance abuse counseling, and on-site primary medical and psychiatric care, client and treatment advocacy, and group and individual support for Asians and Pacific Islanders living with HIV/AIDS.

A&PI Wellness Center was formed in 1996 out of a merger of Asian AIDS Project (which began back in 1987) and Living Well Project (which was formed in 1988) and it became the largest A&PI-focused HIV/AIDS organization in North America. I have been fortunate to know many f the volunteers, board members, and staff of this great organization over the years and I haven't just read about their accomplishments, I have seen them firsthand.  It seems that each year they do more and more, but of course it takes money and it takes people to make it all happen.  Donations help.  Volunteers can help a lot too!  Although we certainly are doing much better than in the 80s, AIDS is still with us and organizations like this one are vital.
Find out more about them at their website: - you can also easily donate by clicking HERE.  You can send checks too.  Their address is Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center, 730 Polk Street, San Francisco, CA 94109.  Interested in volunteering?  There are a variety of opportunities for that as well.  Check out the info on their website and get involved!

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