Monday, February 24, 2014

There's been a death among the sisters

Late last night Edward Huser, better known as Sister Barbi Mitzvah, ended earthly life, passed through the Veil,  and joined the Nuns of the Above.  One of the Sisters of Perpetual Indulgence, Sister Barbi Mitzvah certainly was a giver in the truest sense of the word.  Ever since they formed back in 1979, this order of queer nuns has devoted itself to truly making a difference in the world with their ministry and outreach to the marginalized and those on the edge, to promoting human rights, performing community service, and respecting the diversity of the community.  Certainly Sister Barbi Mitzvah was a shining example of the order!
From his early days in New Richmond, Wisconsin through those college years in Minneapolis, Minnesota Ed was touching people's hearts long before coming to San Francisco and becoming a Sister.  There was no stopping him when it came to how many lives he would touch. When you touch so many people and die so unexpectedly, there is bound to be great sadness, and I am certain that folks all over are going to be profoundly sorrowful as the learn this news today.  Messages of thanks will likely come from all over for all Sister has done at the Folsom Street Fair and at so many other activities here in and also, Portland, the Russian River and other parts of the world.  I personally will remember those Pink Saturdays and also Sisters Bingo.
It's too soon to know of plans for memorial services, but certainly there will be remembrances.  A donation to The Sister of Perpetual Indulgence would certainly be welcome and you can easily give by clicking HERE.



  1. Still no word on any formal remembrances for Sister, but I have just learned that there will be a gathering tonight (Wednesday, February 26th) at 18th and Castro Street, in San Francisco, in front of the Bank of America building on the corner, at 9:15pm.

  2. Ours hearts are broken...we were together as a founding foursome and Edward was the passionate one. He was my business partner, my inspiration and my friend. Priscilla, Brian and I will be there, when we celebrate his life and his spirit. We love you Sister,
    Always...Susan of WorkForce OS

  3. NRHS put on a production of Bye Bye Birdie in 1979 and -- introverted nerd that I was -- I felt very fortunate to be cast in the chorus. Better yet, cast-member Ed and I became "Soul Brother & Sister"! How lucky was I that an older guy befriended someone as lowly as me?! Ed was so easy to laugh with -- he not only understood my sense of humor but seemed to appreciate it. I lost touch with him once he graduated, but reading the news here and in the local NR paper gives me a profound sense of sadness (sorry for the cliche, Ed). I keep remembering the buttons he made specially for the two of us to wear during the musical's rehearsals: "Soul Sister" and "Soul Brother," with black lettering on an orange background -- the NR Tigers colors. I'm going to find mine, pin it to my chest, cry a little, dream about my friend Ed and do what he would most approve of -- laugh uproariously at all that life has given me.

    Love to Ed's family and friends,