Tuesday, April 15, 2014

Tie a yellow ribbon round your old dog's leash

Did you ever notice someone walking their dog and on the leash there was a yellow ribbon?  This is becoming more and more common, but just what does it mean? Well first of all it is not a waiver of responsibility on the part of the owner, nor is it an admission of guilt or an excuse to avoid the basic training that any dog should have.
If you have ever had a dog of your own, you know that sometimes there are issues of behavior and any dog can also have bad health.  Oh yes and then there are service animals or dogs in training (not necessarily to be service dogs).  These are all reasons why a dog might need his or her space.  These days people seem to forget about personal space and it can be even worse for animals.  After all, they can't speak up and ask you to step away from them.
Sometimes dogs are not good around small children or around other animals.  These are more good reasons to give them their space.  Now or course it is a good general rule of thumb to give any dog you are not familiar with, the space it is entitled to and to not approach or try to pet it.  A lot of people have a hard time remembering this though and so the yellow ribbon is a nice gentle reminder.
This didn't just happen overnight.  There is an organization called the Yellow Dog Project and they are worldwide.  You can follow them on facebook HERE or visit their website at http://theyellowdogproject.com  What a wonderful idea this is!  It's only been around for a few years, so help spread the word.

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