Thursday, November 6, 2014

Picture cooperation

Well the trip to Arizona went well and I'm sure I will have stories to tell as I get to know this community.  Of course some of my stories really have nothing to do with where I am anyway.  This blog is NOT about me!  Anyway, I've told you this particular story about cooperation before, but I really like it, and since cooperation is such a great thing (and I'm pooped from the trip and don't want to think too much), I thought I'd share this story again.
It's about a man who was taken on a tour of both heaven and hell. In hell he was shown a banquet hall filled with diners seated at a table that was covered with all kinds of delicious food. Each person’s back and left arm were tied to the chair so that bending at the waist was impossible, and the left arm could not move. The right arm was stiffened so that the elbow would not bend. The people at the table could gaze at the delicious spread and they could smell the aroma of the food, but they were starving.

In heaven, the picture was exactly the same – backs and left arms shackled, right arms stiffened – but the diners were feasting and rejoicing, because each diner used his stiffened right arm to feed the person to his or her right. It was a picture of people working together – a picture of cooperation. Working together as a team, we can do so much more!
Think about it.  How wonderful this world would be if we all worked together!

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