Friday, January 30, 2015

reviving a past custom

Remember when you were in school and got tons of Valentines? Remember how good that made you feel? Wouldn't it be cool to revive that custom? We have until the 14th of next month, so there is still plenty of time. Imagine how the homeless person you see every day would feel if you gave him a Valentine treat. Think about the elderly people you know who might not have a lot of folks in their lives anymore. I simple card could do wonders to brighten their day!

Sometimes Valentine's Day becomes a popularity contest, and I really don't think that was the original intent. I mentioned here last year in fact that many schools these days some schools have a policy that if you bring Valentine cards in to exchange, there must be one for everyone. I'm not sure if schools should get involved, but I do know it's not fun seeing some kids with tons of cards or gifts, and others with nothing. The same is just as true with adults. If you are going to spread around some joy, you might want to take care that you aren't giving to some in front of others to whom you are not giving.

The whole process though can be very simple. Those simple cards we used to give are still available. You can buy the boxes of classroom style cards with about 20 in a box, at most drugstores and discount stores. Pick up a few boxes of them and revive that old custom of giving them out to many, and give a little joy at the same time!

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