Friday, February 27, 2015

Meum Pactum Dictum

Well I could have simply written it in English, but this seemed to be a little more eye-catching. The Latin phrase here, dictum meum pactum, simply means my word is my bond, but what does that mean?

Have you ever been frustrated when someone told you they would do something, but then did not. "I'll be happy to donate to your charity. Expect a check on Monday." No check comes though. You had been counting on it. "Let me fill that volunteer position on Friday evening." When Friday rolls around, your volunteer does not. There are many examples of people saying they will do something, and then not doing them.

Yes, we are human. Things happen that makes changes necessary. But how do we trust someone if they never (or seldom) do what they say? How can you believe someone who is always misleading.

Just by giving your word, we can be assured that the promise will be kept. That is the meaning of dictum meum pactum. That is the meaning of my word is my bond. How wonderful if we all made it our way of life!

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