Monday, April 13, 2015

Lend a hand

Making a difference can take many forms. Lending a hand or an ear is just one way to help out - one way to connect with others and to be human. I don't take about me here, because my goal all along has been to encourage cooperation and hopefully to get those who read these words to want a better world and so to reach out to others. It's NOT about me - it's about all of us. Today though, for a change, it's a little more about me, and about an incredible person I am blessed to have in my life.

Every one of us will occasionally have a bad day.  Nothing seems to be going right and you feel like you don't want to even move.  Well, rare though it is, that was me yesterday.  I made a comment on social media, which probably hundreds of people saw, but there was someone out there who also acted.  Moments after my post, he was reaching out.  "Are you okay?" he asked.  A conversation - a very encouraging one, began.  He cared.
Now I'm not suggesting for a minute that nobody else cares.  This person did something though.  He reached out.  He lent a hand.  It made a world of difference and I will always remember the warmth of his friendship last night and his concern.  Today is a great day.  I feel fantastic.  Last night though was a great reminder of how wonderful it can be to lend a hand to someone who needs you.  How wonderful it is to care.

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