Tuesday, June 23, 2015

He said what?

Some folks say that any word should be allowed to be said. Isn't that partly what Freedom of Speech is all about? Does a vulgar vocabulary have a place in polite society, or should some words simply never be spoken? What about using just letters? Is WTF alright or saying "the F word," or even "the N word" when we all know what words are being referred to?

Pejorative words about individuals is not the same thing as cursing or talking graphically about sex acts, but both are types of language that have been discussed a lot lately. Are decency and respect linked to the way we talk to each other and about each other?

President Barack Obama uttered the N word in making a point yesterday, during an interview. The President was talking about racism and some outlets that carried the conversation bleeped the word, while others broadcast it exactly as Mr Obama said it. There has been a lot of discussion since.  Let's carry it a little farther - was the President wrong in using the word?  Is there ever a case when that word can be uttered?  Should folks be allowed to say anything they like?
What do YOU think?  I'd really like to hear from you.  Please leave your comments below, but please be respectful as you do so.  Thanks!

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