Saturday, June 27, 2015


Yesterday, history was made, and it continues today. This morning's San Francisco Chronicle had a two word banner headline: WE DO. Below it was a picture (not this one, but similar) from inside San Francisco City Hall. We do can refer to the agreement that to people make, each to the other, at a wedding, but it can also refer to acceptance. We do finally accept you as a complete and equal part of society. Well, at least that's how I would like to look at it.

So now that same-sex couples can wed in North American and in much of Europe and in some other parts of the world, let's stop saying marriage equality and let's stop saying gay marriage. Let's just call it marriage.

How wonderful that such a landmark decision came on the weekend that LGBT Pride Celebrations take place in so many cities. Talk about perfect timing! That will make the events today and tomorrow that much more special. These Pride events are held toward the end of June annually throughout the world to mark the Stonewall riots which happened in New York City on June 28th of 1969. Equality has marched forward ever since with the biggest victory coming yesterday. The military ban is gone. In many states there is housing and job protection. Things have gotten better. Before we do much more celebrating though we need to work on equality for all.

Our transgender sisters and brothers are still facing a huge amount of hate and discrimination. A White House event this week drew attention to that and a courageous transgender woman who spoke up and interrupted the President, should be applauded and joined in her struggle, instead of scolded for breaking the rules of a social engagement.  It's NOT about me.  It's about all of us.  Her struggle is my struggle.

We make history every time we stand up for justice and fairness and equality. We make history every time we do good and every time we speak the truth and every time we say we want a better world. We do want to change the world! We do!

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