Thursday, June 18, 2015

Noah's Run for Rare

Right now the state of Arizona is being crossed by a man who has come all the way across the country to bring awareness to rare diseases. That might sound a bit odd, but Noah Coughlan is really making a difference, by bringing awareness and also raising money for the 30 million Americans and affected by rare diseases.

It began when he was touched by two different people who had Spielmeyer-Vogt-Sj√∂gren-Batten disease, a very rare, fatal brain disease.  While Batten disease is what got him running, he is now bringing awareness to any rare disease.

I've never met this guy, and all that I know about him is from television reports and the internet.  I sure am impressed though.  This is one of those situations I talk about here every day, where someone sees a need, and does something about it. Noah is a true hero.  Spend a few minutes with his website at and you will be filled with so much information. You'll also be filled with hope. Run For Rare is a documentary chronicling Noah Coughlan's transcontinental run, and two prior runs, and you can also find out more about the film on his website too.

Soon, he'll be back in California, but his amazing work is far from over. You can help him by spreading the word and also by donating. As he says on his site: Every Life Matters. We don't hear about rare diseases and so work on treating them and curing them, doesn't come as quickly and as easily as the better known ailments. Thanks to Noah's Run for Rare, that is changing.

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