Saturday, October 17, 2015

Let them know

Recently I have mentioned the deaths of several people I knew, and there have actually been a number of others. Thinking about so many people have passed away within the last month or so, got me thinking about something else: regrets. Was there anything in their lives that they regretted as they came to the end? What about my relationship with them? Did I have any regrets?

The answer for me, is no. I don't really have any regrets.   Oh yes, I regret not being able to see them any longer, but I have no regrets about our friendships. I believe in speaking up and saying what I think. I always encourage others to do the same thing. Do you value someone's friendship? Let them know. Do you enjoy spending time with someone? Let them know.

There's always tomorrow, isn't really true. A friend died unexpectedly in his sleep not long ago. I wonder how many wishes they had said any number of things to him, before that night. Now I am not saying we should live in fear that each day may be our last or the last day for a friend or relative, but throughout life, don't hide your feelings. Let them know how you feel!

Telling someone that you think they are special or that you enjoy their company, can really brighten their day! My thoughts anyway - what do YOU think?

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