Friday, December 18, 2015

Christmas is coming, but not yet

It's almost time, but still not yet. The familiar tale of a bright star in the heavens that led a group of wise men to Jerusalem to visit the newborn Jesus over 2,000 years ago will be told again this year, but not yet. That story comes at the end of the season. It is on the last day of Christmas that we celebrate the three kings. Before that we tell of the birth, but not yet.
I know I wrote about this just a few weeks ago, but we are still rushing!  It's amazing to me that every single year we seem to get earlier and earlier. I think I have mentioned at an old department store used to have Christmas displays up on my birthday - which is in August! I like Christmas a lot. It's perhaps my favorite time of the year, but not yet.
I think that every day is special.  We can help the poor and we can give toys to needy kids and we can make a difference in the world, every single day.  We don't need to pretend that Christmas is four months long (or more).  Now please don't misunderstand.  I love Christmas a lot, so I'm not saying no to it.  What I'm saying is not yet.  Let's take each holiday and celebration in turn.  When December 25th rolls around, we will have plenty of time to celebrate - twelve days, as a matter of fact.
One of the reasons people often get so depressed at this time of year is that there is such a rush and such a big demand for a celebration, before it's even time.  Then, when the time comes, people calmly walk away and say it's over.  No!  Don't do that.  Let the celebration continue.  Don't put your Christmas tree out on the curb on December 25th.  Celebrate those twelve days, even if nobody else does.  There will be an after-Christmas period, and it might be a little blue, but don't rush to it.  There is going to be some good in January too, but not yet.

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