Friday, February 12, 2016

keep those cards and letters coming in

Some performer, a long time ago, used to tell his fans "Keep those cards and letters coming in." I don't remember who it was. Probably many people said that. Anyway, when I began this blog, I used to hear from people often. (A lot of those were from people who know me, but we did get comments on the daily blog entries from strangers too). That was then. Now, I hear nothing. There is a counter, so I can tell how many people have clicked on a particular entry, but of course I don't know if they actually read it, or what they thought. Let me know!

The whole idea behind this is to make this a better world. I don't think I am so wonderful that I am actually achieving that goal, but of course it is NOT about me. It's about us - ALL of us, working together. It's about doing kind things. It's about making a difference. It's about being a hero. I tell you stories of some of the heroes I know and of ones I hear about, and I share ideas about things we all can do. Along the way, it's very helpful to hear your ideas. Let me know about a hero. Share some ideas. Tell me if you agree or disagree with things I say. I'd really love to hear from you.

Oh and this isn't a secret blog. Do feel free to share it with others. Perhaps some of them are more likely to let me hear from them. Perhaps it will be you - right now - click that button below and comment, or comment on what I wrote here yesterday. You know you want to!

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