Wednesday, February 24, 2016

Pink Shirt Day

Kindness is something we encourage here every day, and we have often written messages about putting an end to bullying. This week we are paying particular attention, and today being Pink Shirt Day, I wanted to say something about this observance and how we all can use it to draw attention to the problem of bullying. First, put on your pink shirt as a visible sign that you are helping to stop bullying!

The whole idea of Pink Shirt Day goes back to 2007, when two Canadian high school students, David Shepherd and Travis Price stood up for a classmate who was being bullied. Click HERE to see how CBC reported it.  The idea spread and has become an annual event across Canada. More recently it has spread to the United States and to other parts of the world, sometimes being called Stand Up Against Bullying Day or Anti-Bullying Day. The United Nations has declared each May 4th as Anti-Bullying Day.  Whenever it is done, it is good to spread the word that bullying should not be tolerated.

Visibility is a huge thing.  Imagine if every student in a classroom wore a pink shirt or every officer in a police department or every server and busperson in a large restaurant.  Imagine if we didn't just wear pink on this day but if well all spoke out against all forms of bullying, every day.  Imagine.  It really isn't very hard.  The damage that is being done to so many because of hate, is something we can easily do away with - we simply have to get together and resolve to end bullying.  Let's do it!

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