Thursday, November 24, 2016

Amendment of life

Last year I wrote here that we need to stop telling the untrue story about Thanksgiving and finally admit to the horrible deeds of our ancestors. Thanksgiving has always been my favorite holiday. I like the idea of gathering with family and friends. I enjoy the traditional food. I like the whole idea of giving thanks. I can easily separate all of that from those "first Thanksgiving" stories, because I don't think that is why we gather today. I always think it is important to mend our errors though.

Yes, I didn't do those horrible things, and neither did you, but it was done on our land and in the name of this country. We need to admit it. We also need to move forward and vow to never do anything like that. Let's also look at the good things we have done and the good that have happened in our lives. Our ancestors committed horrors, but they certainly did some positive things as well. We might personally have never done anything that can be described as horrible, but we can still apologize on their behalf. Then, we need to move on.

"Thanksgiving Day has baggage to be sure - in fact, with the atrocities committed, baggage is an understatement. I'm not suggesting we should ignore it either. Perhaps we need to re-invent the day. My suggestion though is that we continue to give thanks; that we continue to gather together. Let us do so honestly though, making reparations for our past, and looking ahead with thankful hearts for all the good that we can be." Those were my words here last year, and I still believe this.

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