Thursday, June 1, 2017

The Whole Month

Looking back, I discovered that the word "gay" or "lgbt" comes up in many of my blog entries, but certainly not all of them.  When I began this many years ago, Pam Spaulding and a number of others, regularly blogged about lgbt issues, and I wanted to speak here more generally about folks making a difference.  This month though, for the first time, I am going to change my focus and write something connected to lgbt matters each day.  June is lgbt Pride Month, and so it seems like an appropriate thing to do.  As always, your comments below are most welcome.

I might reprint a few of my previous entries - the Herb Caen one and another about Harvey Milk come to mind, and I might update on some lgbt news, but in keeping with our theme, I really want to focus on some heroes.  So, while I welcome your comments, I hope for some suggestions too.

I suspect that someone will object to an all-lgbt month here in this space, but to that I will say the same thing I wrote here back on July 1, 2013:  "Unfortunately there are a lot of folks who don't get it.  When people complain about so much coverage of 'gay news' they forget that what there is the rest of the time is coverage of everything else.  LGBT people are still discriminated against more than any other group (especially the transgender part of that) and until that discrimination is gone, a light most shine into that darkness."

Get ready for a whole month of light!

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