Monday, March 3, 2014

A politician making a difference

People in political life we may hope will do great things and bring about positive changes, but the reality is that few elected officials ever measure up to what we generally hope for. Yes there are the Kennedy brothers and Lech Waselsa, and Nelson Mandela and Winston Churchill but it would be rather difficult to come up with another six names. That's why I have such strong feelings about the President of San Francisco's Board of Supervisors, David Chiu. 

David has passed more legislation than anyone serving on today’s Board of Supervisors and there is a good reason for that. David is fair and honest and has worked tirelessly to build consensus and to look at things from all points of view. He has been a hard worker for San Francisco and I am excited that he may be soon representing us in the state legislature. I know it may seem odd to be writing about someone in elected office, after all what I write about here each day is making a difference in our world. THAT'S why I am writing about David Chiu. He makes a difference every single day.
Representing one of San Francisco's eleven districts, David has been chosen by them to be their president an unprecedented three times. Turning around our city's economy and creating more jobs has been David’s top priority as President of the Board of Supervisors. As someone who doesn’t even own a car, he has been able to champion a number transit successes. He has worked to clean up our environment, always stands up for our neighborhoods, and continues to work hard and to standing up for tenants and for affordable housing.
Back in 2005, David worked alongside San Francisco LGBT leaders on a successful effort to adopt marriage equality in the official platform of the California Democratic Party. In fact The Bay Area Reporter observed that he “championed the cause with gusto." Indeed. I have seen firsthand David's commitment to the LGBT community from his regular participation in local LGBT events like the annual Pride Celebration to his advocating for the reunification of LGBT immigrant families and his support for increased funding for HIV/AIDS programs.
David Chiu makes a difference as a political leader here in San Francisco and I am excited that he is running for the District 17 Assembly seat. At noon today he will officially open his campaign office at 549 Castro Street here in San Francisco and I hope many of you will come by. Take a closer look and I am confident you will agree that David Chiu is a political leader that can inspire us all.

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