Thursday, March 13, 2014

Toan has another story to tell

Go Inspire Go is such a wonderful organization that I have written about it often here.  Last year their Chief Inspirator Toan Lam had this crazy idea of spotlighting 50 heroes in 50 states, and after a successful fundraising, they set off to do just that.  I have told you here about the results too and I am happily watching for each new development, which I hope you will enjoy and get something from. 
Their first hero in the 50 stories in 50 states campaign was 16-year-old  Matthew Kaplan, founder of The Be O.N.E. Project, a life-changing program he started for middle school students in Arizona to stop bullying behavior before it even begins.  Next came a truly incredible story as Tony Tolbert, a UCLA lecturer and attorney loaned his house out to a homeless family of five for a year.  A twelve-year-old, Thomas Ponce, is an animal rights activist in Florida with a special gift of inspiring people, and he became the third 50-50 profile. 
If you haven't seen these first three stories yet, or this is the first time you are hearing about Go Inspire Go, I urge you to head to their website where you can not only find links to all the videos, but also find out more about them.  You can get involved too.  At the end of each video you will find ways to do something.  There is also the very easy option of spreading the word and letting others know about them.  Of course you can also donate money.  There website is at
Toan has another story to tell of course.  Many more!  Just recently posted though is the latest 50-50 tale and this one will change the way you think about hip-hop. Toan and crew traveled to New York City for an inspiring story of how hip-hop is saving lives and creating humanitarians.  I know you are going to be moved by this one!  Click HERE to view 50-50 story number five.

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