Monday, March 10, 2014

About Stephen

Let me tell you today about an inspiring British teenager.  His name is Stephen Sutton and he has cancer that doctors say is incurable.  Stephen didn't retreat to his bedroom and throw himself a pity-party though.  He decided to raise money to fight the disease so that even if he lost his life, eventually others might be saved.  Along the way Stephen has decided to enjoy life as much as possible.
Last year he started a facebook page where 16,000 people follow him.  Pretty incredible, huh?  He decided to share his story there with the whole world.  His story is a sad one to be sure.  One of the things he wrote early on though is that "this is not a sob story, this is Stephen’s Story."
His birth and early years were very much the same as any other British male these days.  Stephen had friends and had fun.  He went to school and studied hard and had a goal of becoming a physician.  It wasn't until he was fifteen that his world changed so dramatically.  Cancer was diagnosed, but not to worry.  It's treatable.  A few years later, he found out that he still had it and it was not going away.  That's a very simplified version and I apologize for not going in to greater detail.  There simply isn't space here.
I mentioned that Stephen is on facebook, well he is also on twitter and youtube and he has a website and he is very connected.  He tells his story well and as he enjoys whatever time he has left, he encourages others in a way I have never before seen.  Click HERE to watch him tell his entire story.  I have to warn you - have a box of tissues ready!
How wonderful it would be if the whole world had a spirit like Stephen's!  To find out more about this remarkable young man, I invite you to visit his website at

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