Monday, March 24, 2014

the beauty of fog

Almost every morning, I start the day by taking a walk.  It is so refreshing to begin with exercise and to see the city as it wakes up.  Of course San Francisco takes longer in some neighborhoods to wake up than in others.  It's the fog that seems to make a difference - that lovely fog.
Now I know there are those who curse the fog.  I can make things a bit chilly and it certainly obscures your view.  I might even agree that it is a nuisance if it is delaying my plane from takeoff or landing or if it is blocking my view of a fireworks display.
San Francisco has many charms.  I happen to think fog is one of them.  Of course some folks say I can find beauty anywhere.  Why not?  The more wonder we see, the more enjoyment we have!  Give that fog another chance.  It really can be beautiful!

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