Thursday, August 14, 2014

Flowers and fresh bread

Who doesn't enjoy the smell of fresh bread or the delicate fragrance of beautiful flowers?  Another one that always makes me feel good is fresh coffee.  The sense of smell is wonderful, even when we occasionally run into something that we wish our nose hadn't discovered.
An early morning walk through San Francisco's Noe Valley would just have to be on my list of favorite things.  It's is visually colorful to be sure, but those smells I mentioned are all here too.  Even the sounds of people going about there business are happy ones.
There is a favorite restaurant of mine here with absolutely fabulous Korean food.  It's too early to head there now, but my taste buds can be satisfied in a number of other places.  Oh those little individual savory pies are sold here!  Now I smell bacon cooking!  How could I have missed that before?
Getting up and going for a walk is how many folks start that day.  Be sure to let your senses do some walking too though.  The beauty of the day can touch your mind and your soul with brilliant sounds and sights and smells!

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