Thursday, August 7, 2014

Where in the world is Dan Choi?

Some of you may recall that several years ago when Don't Ask/Don't Tell was the way our military operated, I wrote here almost daily about Dan Choi.  He became a sort of posterboy both for the repeal of DADT and also for this blog.  Certainly he is someone who makes a difference!
How about now?  He worked so hard for marriage equality, for the repeal of DADT, and for other justice issues, now what?  What has he been up to lately and where in the world is Dan Choi?
Well in the years that followed I got to know Dan a tiny bit and consider him a friend, but since he lived on the other coast, we didn't actually spend time together.  Dan always considered San Francisco to be home, even though this isn't where he slept at night or where he received his mail.  How lovely then to have heard last month when I bumped into him that he was actually living here now full time.
He is really getting involved here too.  Dan has been running and biking regularly and has enrolled in classes at City College.  Oh and he was just one of the 20,007 finishers in the recent San Francisco Marathon!  With his great leadership skills, perhaps he will consider running for public office.

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