Tuesday, August 26, 2014

We are the movement

Standing in front of a painted San Francisco skyline, with a crowd of supporters cheering him on, Dan Choi made it official over the weekend. He is running for a seat on the San Francisco City College Board of Trustees.
CCSF, is a two-year community college here that has been in the news after a panel moved last year to revoke the accreditation of the school. Attendance, as a result of that, has fallen. Now, Dan Choi, who was a leader in the fight against Don't Ask/Don't Tell and has been a strong advocate for marriage equality, has decided to channel his energies towards revitalizing City College of San Francisco.
At Tustin High School in Southern California, Dan was student body president, and graduated at the top of his class. He is currently enrolled in City College classes, including gospel choir, so he really has a stake in the fight to make City College better and stronger!
Dan has fought fights before. I have probably written more about him here than any other person. Running for an elected office is a new thing for him (and writing about someone in political life is unusual for me, although I have written about two others).
On Sunday as he kicked of his campaign, Dan proclaimed "I might be new...but together we can fight for this love, we can spread this love. We are the movement." There was certainly a lot of energy in the room. There was certainly a lot of clapping. Dan went on to say "This is not an electoral campaign-this is a movement. We, here today, are the leaders."
This is going to be a very grassroots campaign, he told me, and I could see the enthusiasm that both he and his early supporters have.  You can learn more at http://www.pro-choi.com - and even get involved!

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