Thursday, October 15, 2015

National Latino AIDS Awareness Day

Today is National Latino AIDS Awareness Day, chosen to be October 15th back in 2003 because this is the last day of Hispanic Heritage Month. My Hispanic sisters and brothers are certainly impacted by AIDS (we ALL are), and so it is important to reach out and make sure that the message is being received.

Material in English and Spanish is being sent out into communities with large Latino populations and there is a blitz on social media. You even find bloggers like me saying something. Of course I say something a lot. AIDS awareness is something very important to me every single day, and I would again encourage all of my friends to help spread the word.

Two years ago, the rate of HIV diagnosis among Latinos was nearly three times that of caucasians. According to the Centers for Disease Control, "An estimated 220,000 US Latinos are living with HIV, and 15% of Hispanics infected with the virus do not know." It is so important to get the word out!

There is an official website foe National Latino AIDS Awareness Day: - check it out. There are numerous resources there. Help spread the word. Also, get tested and urge others to also. Seek treatment when necessary. We can do this!

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