Tuesday, October 27, 2015


There's a pretty incredible book on the shelves, that is aimed at children, but which I think we all can relate to. On a quick read through, you just might think it is about gender identification, but not necessarily. It's about finding our true selves, and that can mean a number of different things. The book is called Red, and it is written and illustrated by Michael Hall.

Book reviews here these days? Not usually, but this is too good to ignore. I hear this author is pretty good each time out, so I am going to check out his other books too including It's an Orange Aardvark! and My Heart is Like A Zoo. I'm not saying Michael Hall is changing the world, but there certainly are many ways to do that, and children's books is as good a place as any!

The basic story in Red, I must confess is a pretty simple and straight-forward one, but it brought tears to my eyes. I can highly recommend it!

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