Thursday, October 8, 2015

She is NOT a costume

Those distasteful Caitlin Jenner costumes began appearing several months ago. That sort of thing happens every year. Some people don't even realize they are being offensive, but they are. She is NOT a costume. (I've actually seen a couple of different costumes and they are both offensive.  They make fun of her, rather that celebrate her). The same thing is true when you put on that China doll outfight or dress in blackface. Native American costumes are offensive as well.  If you are mocking a person or a race or a culture, it isn't a good thing. That should be obvious.

There are tons of wonderful dress up ideas that are fun and send a positive message. Dress as the old standbys - ghost, witch, cowboy, fireman. Dress as your favorite performer, but choose someone that has similar characteristics so that you are giving a tribute, instead of making fun of them. Masks can be helpful.

There is never a good time to wear blackface or yellowface. Doing a zombie of a recently deceased person is in poor taste. Dressing nicely as that person is a much better idea.

I can already anticipate that some of you will think I have gone in the wrong direction on this one. Usually I give suggestions for positive things to do, instead of urging you NOT to do something. Am I being way too sensitive? It’s not a political event or a formal gathering at work. It's only Halloween. Indeed. But is there really any time when you should NOT be sensitive to others? Is being rude and offensive ever good? I don't think so. Oh and don't even get me started on those misogynistic costumes.
There's still plenty of time to plan a fun outfit.  What I'm suggesting is that you take a few minutes to think about others and how your look will effect them.  Halloween is supposed to be fun.  Let's keep it that way! 

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