Saturday, October 3, 2015


Pink. We are going to be seeing a lot of pink in October. This is Breast Cancer Awareness Month, a yearly campaign to increase awareness of breast cancer and to raise funds for research into its cause, prevention, diagnosis, treatment, support, and cure of the disease. You will see public service announcements, magazine articles, fundraisers, and just a whole lot of attention given to the important health issue. Oh and because male breast cancer is generally overlooked, the third week of October has become "Male Breast Cancer Awareness Week."

I urge you to be aware. I've had too many friends stricken with breast cancer. A very dear women I knew battled it for three years, before passing away from the disease earlier this year. Awareness included having facts and being knowledgeable about your own body. Feel a lump? Get yourself checked! Have a pain or uncomfortable feeling that doesn't go away? Get yourself checked! Does breast cancer run in your family? Get yourself checked!

There are numerous online places for information. The American Cancer Society is always my go-to source for any cancers. They are a good trusted organization. Click HERE for their website.  Remember that your own doctor and your county health department are always good information sources.
How about the fundraisers?  Again, there are a number of them.  You might want to do something that has personal significance, such as donating to an organization that cared for a friend or family member with breast cancer.  Look in your local papers for events near you too.  You'll find some more ways to get involved HERE.
One more thing:  wear pink.  A pink shirt, the pink folded ribbon, a pink scarf around your neck - these all can help getting people thinking about breast cancer, and help raise awareness.

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