Friday, July 28, 2017

An unlikely combination of heroes

Rare is the day when I say something political here.  That's not the purpose of this blog after all.  We're here to talk about heroes and about making a difference.  How I wish there were more people in elected office who were true heroes, who were making a difference, but that's another matter.  Something happened last night in the US Senate that I simply must mention here.

Back when Barack Obama was President, the Affordable Care Act was passed and went into effect, controlling health care costs, creating expand access to coverage, and improving health care quality, among other things.  The law, often referred to as ObamaCare, is not perfect, but it does something important that had not been done before - it allows for health coverage for so many who would otherwise be without.  The current administration wants to do away with this law, which would result in millions of people losing their coverage.

Now I happen to think that everyone should be able to have basic health care and the battle in Washington, DC these past seven months has really exasperated me.  Last night in the US Senate, three Republicans, joined with the Democrats, and voted no on the repeal of the Affordable Care Act, saving millions of Americans from the disaster of no health care.

Voting along party lines has become all too common, despite what constituents may say.  Sometimes I'm sure we must wonder if politicians are even able to think.  Last night though, two women and a man, voted in the opposite way of their 97 colleagues.  Three senators might indeed have been an unlikely combination of heroes, but their demonstration of bravery and integrity made a difference.  I'd certainly love to see more behavior like this!

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