Tuesday, July 18, 2017

Good cop Good cop

The other day, Stanley Roberts, a reporter at San Francisco tv station KRON4, told the story of two San Jose, CA police officers who did a wonderful kind act.  In the course of their day, they came upon an elderly man who according to Roberts was "distraught and visibly upset...nearly in tears."  After patiently questioning him, they found he had just lost a son and that earlier in the year, another son had passed away.  Pretty bad, huh?  To make matters worse, this poor old man could not afford to make the trip to his son's funeral. 

Now you might expect that these police officers would at this point, have wished the gentleman well and been on their way, but as Stanley Roberts tells the story, they went way beyond what might be expected.  Immediately they made reservations for the man to fly to the funeral, paying for his round-trip fare and also paying for his ride to the airport.  They apparently didn't even make mention of this deed.  It was someone else who spilled the beans, and the story continues now to be retold.

So many police officers go way beyond their job requirements.  The San Francisco police recently tweeted about two of their officers who rescued a Canadian Goose who had been spooked after stepping into traffic.  It was another heartwarming story about two cops.  I could fill page after page with such stories, because there really are a lot of good cops, despite the negative reports we too often hear.

Now, I'm not saying all cops are perfect and that there is never any abuse of power.  Sadly that simply isn't the case.  Let's hear more about those good cops though.  I know there are a LOT of powerful stories and I invite you to share ones that you know of, in the comments section below. 

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