Wednesday, July 5, 2017

Paying it forward at McDonald's

Did you hear about the kind act in Indiana that spread to 167 drivers? At a McDonald's Restaurant in Scottsburg, one random kind act last month sparked a whole series of followers!  This is such a wonderful story.

As you know, I was writing about lgbtq related places and heroes all through June as part of Pride Month, and it was during that time that this incident occurred, so you may have already heard about it.  (Several tv stations there picked up the story, and it is so heartwarming, that everyone has been talking about it).  I write a daily blog about kindness, and I mentioned it there too.

Sometimes it just takes a simple act, and that's apparently how this began.  It was Father's Day and a man with four children was in a van at this McDonald's drive-thru.  Up ahead of him was the woman who got the ball rolling with her kind gesture.  She paid for the man and told the cashier to tell him "Happy Father's Day." The man was so moved that he paid for the next two cars behind him.  The ripple effect continued and the restaurant says that in all it spread to 167 vehicles!  Wow!

This is living proof of something I have long said.  One person can indeed make a difference!  Imagine if this happened every day.

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