Tuesday, April 9, 2013

our health matters

Whether we think about it all the time or not, our health matters.  We might do annual checkups or take daily vitamins, but how much do we think about our health beyond that?

During the winter months so many of us wake up coughing or sneezing and then head out the door to work.  Once there we are greeted with others feeling equally bad, or worse, and we share each others germs and the illness of the day.  Before you know it we are so sick we cannot even get out of bed.  The solution?  Staying home from work occasionally when we are ill might be a good starting place.  Also, avoid contact with others who are ill.

What else can we do to stay well?  Exercise and a good diet go a long way.  Plenty of rest is also important.  We need to avoid unhealthy activities too such as smoking, recreational drugs, and excessive alcohol consumption. 

How can we change the world - how can we do good things and really make a difference if we are too sick to even walk across the street?  Our health matters in so many ways.  Regular checkups and following medical advice is so important.  Sometimes we might receive scary news, but knowing is so much better than not knowing. 

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