Tuesday, December 9, 2014

If it's cold to you

The temperature outside where I live, has been rather chilly lately, especially at night. I know there are parts of this country where snow and cold has come with a fury already - Western New York was especially hard it.  With all of my complaining, I just had to be glad I was able to come indoors and turn on the heat.  If it's cold to me though, imagine what it's like for those who cannot come indoors.
Some people have pets that stay outside all of the time.  There are also farm animals that generally stay outdoors of course too.  Think about these animals on cold nights.  Is your barn heated?  Does your horse have a blanket?  The dog can go outside briefly for his potty break, but inside he must come right afterward.  If it's cold to you, it's cold to your animals too!
The homeless people you encounter when you are out shopping or doing errands often don't have the warm clothing you might have.  Countless people die every winter due to the cold conditions.  I know you can't house everyone you come across, but those winter coats that you no longer wear because you have gotten new ones, give them away!  Trust me.  A warm coat can make a huge difference.  More shelters need to open up in cold weather.  Big cities do a fairly good job with this, but help spread the word on the importance of this.  If it's cold to you, it's cold to them too!
The past several years I have been a part of a memorial service for people who have died on the streets.  (This Thursday in San Francisco, they are doing it again).  Not all of them died because of the cold weather, but we need to do whatever we can to keep people safe from the elements.  The cold of winter effects us all!

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