Thursday, August 8, 2013

Glass Ball Begins!

Today is a first.  Actually today is a couple of firsts. I'm writing about an unknown - I've never done that before.  It is also the first day of this new organization, The Glass Ball Foundation. So many people don't have access to treatments and therapies that might make them better, because of the cost involved. Now comes the Glass Ball to help chronically ill people and those in pain who can't afford to get healthy.
No track record to talk about and not a lot of information, but what a great idea!  I certainly wish them well and I invite you to connect with them.  If this takes off, you can say you heard about the Glass Ball Foundation on day one!  Follow them on twitter at or click HERE to go to their facebook page, of HERE to go to their website.
There is not a lot of information on their website yet, but one thing that caught my eye is their fiscal statement:  "We recognize that our mission will be accomplished only with responsible budgeting and spending. Donations are not treated lightly, and we strive to optimize every contribution to help those in need."
Good luck to the Glass Ball Foundation.  May they be a help to many!

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