Monday, August 26, 2013

Feeding the poor could land you in jail

The Reverend Hugh Hollowell, Pastor of Love Wins Ministries had a tough job Saturday when he showed up at Moore Square in Raleigh, NC.  He was there with his church group, bringing breakfast biscuits and coffee - they come regularly on Saturdays and Sundays, but the police were there too and told the group they would all face arrest if they gave away the food!
Now I would have just kept on feeding those gathered in the park, but upon reflection, it seems the church group did the right thing.  If the food was seized, nobody would have been feed anyway.  If the city of Raleigh is not able to feed folks though, what's wrong with a group like this doing it?
What can I do?  What can all of us do?  Well first of all, Love Wins Ministries is on facebook and you can get the very latest on all this HERE.  They also post updates on their website HERE. One of there suggestions is a campaign of calling and writing to their City Counsel. That just might do something.  Publicity also has a way of changing things.  Oh and consider making a donation to them.  Programs like this do cost money!
Raleigh is not the only place where laws prevent groups from helping the needy.  Of course we don't want people getting sick from bad sanitation or unhealthy situations, but that isn't the issue here, and usually isn't.  We need to make it easier to help others, not more difficult.

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