Thursday, August 15, 2013

Last call

AIDS Walk San Francisco, which took place on the 21st of last month, is a major fundraising effort and each year they give extra time after the event to collect additional monies.  (I personally think this is a great idea that other organizations might want to copy).  Anyway, tomorrow is the deadline for this year's effort.
Even though this blog is not ever supposed to be about me, I want to break protocol here and thank the many supporters that helped me raise the highest amount I have ever brought in.  Some of the donations were made in memory of my mother, which particularly warmed me.  There still is today to donate for anyone who wanted to be just didn't get to it, but this is last call.
Of course it is NOT the last opportunity to help in the fight against HIV/AIDS.  That is an ongoing battle and I hope more and more people will step up and help make a difference.  If you are looking for an organization to support, I'd like to suggest the Asian and Pacific Islander Wellness Center, a multicultural health services, education, research, and policy organization located here in San Francisco.  More about them can be found at

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