Friday, June 6, 2014

Halfway Across the Country

Last month I told you about Kevin Kreider, an Asian American actor/model who is traveling across the country via skateboard in the adventure of a lifetime.  Kevin lost his hair due to alopecia areata (stress-induced hair loss) and that can be a scary thing for someone who makes a living based on their appearance.  What's that old saying though about when life hands you a lemon?  Kevin's "lemonade" is this exciting trip that I told you about.  He is now at just about the halfway point.
Kevin is shooting video along the way and his friend Rocky Chow is following in a car where he is available for emergencies and to shoot the pictures that feature Kevin.  The results of all the camera work will be a cross-country documentary called Kevin And His Skateboard which chronicles this entire adventure which so far has included lots of small towns, all kinds of weather, and some of America's most famous sights.
Kevin checks in on facebook and twitter as often as he can and the media have been covering him all along the way too.  (That's where I am getting my updates, although I must admit I would love to be on the road with him).
This is all a kind of social experiment too with Kevin (and Rocky) relying on the kindness of strangers in their travel.  Donations can be made too via paypal to help fund the adventure and with contact information given, Kevin will reward you with a wristband!  To donate via paypal, use the email

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