Friday, June 20, 2014

The skateboard adventure continues

In honor of Go Skateboarding Day, I'm going to update you today on the continuing adventure of Kevin Kreider whom we first told you about back on May 12 with an update on June 6.  I've been in touch with this actor/model/adventurer along the way and although it hasn't always been a smooth trip, Kevin assures me it has been amazing.

First of all tomorrow really is Go Skateboarding Day - I'm not making that up! Conceived by the International Association of Skateboard Companies to help make skateboarding more accessible to folks all over the world, the first year they did this was 2004, and so tomorrow is the tenth anniversary.  Kevin hasn't been skateboarding all that long, but since he is on this incredible coast to coast journey, it sure seems appropriate to tell you more about him today. 
Now some of you may be keeping up with Kevin through his facebook page.  The number who have liked his page keeps jumping every day.  There has also been a lot of media coverage.  Earlier this week Kevin sat on the set of a morning news program in Chicago to tell of his cross country trek and he showed his small penny board on camera.  Shortly after that appearance though he sprained his ankle and so he slowed down and spent a little more time in mid-America than he had planned.
Now though he is off once again.  Having almost crossed Indiana, there is only about a third of the way to go.  It's not a race though and Kevin has delighted in being able to explore small towns, big cities, national monuments, and all many of things along the way.  Oh and in case you didn't read my initial introduction, he is shooting video of all of this and a documentary will come out once the trip has been completed and all the footage has been edited together.  Watch for Kevin & His Skateboard, later this year! 

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