Thursday, June 12, 2014

The most beautiful city in the world

When I mention cities here in my blog, San Francisco if the one I write about most often.  The reason is quite simple.  This is where I live.  I think it's a beautiful place too.  Now except for the cable car, and perhaps the hills, the picture here might not make you think of San Francisco and you certainly might expect me to post a more "beautiful" view, but I write about seeing everyday beauty here a lot and beauty is really in the eye of the beholder.
You can walk through a very average part of any town and find beauty.  Think about trees and flowers or birds in the air.  Think about colorful or artistic signs.  How about the people moving about or the traffic or perhaps some animals?  Do you see beauty there?  All too often we grow accustomed to the everyday sights and begin taking them for granted.  Just because you see something every single day though doesn't mean it isn't beautiful.
Let's all slow down just a little and enjoy life more.  Smell the air.  Listen to the sounds. Touch the texture of the trees or the buildings.  Open your eyes to the beauty that is all around us - here in this most beautiful city in the world or in any city in the world!

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